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Site is currently being updated and rebuilt.  You can go to the “SHOP” button and a dropdown menu will appear.  It has the different categories for merchandise.  Although our site is under construction, we are VERY MUCH IN BUSINESS!

If you would like to order seeds,  Azomite mineral rock dust, Boogie Brew Compost Tea, Bees, Bee Hives, & Supplies, a JoraForm Composter, ProPur Water Filtration System, or if you are inquiring about plant starts or garden install you can email us today at or call us at (913) 980-3823.

We are working hard to get caught up online as our business is picking up with the season.  If you call or leave a message we promise to get connected with you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Thank you so much for your support!


Nathan Deneault

Kansas City Heirlooms & Organics