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Garden Installation


Garden Installation

Kansas City Heirlooms & Organics install gardens also!

Reasons to have Kansas City Heirlooms & Organics install YOUR garden:

  • You want your family to eat healthier!
  • You have always wanted to get into gardening but don’t know a THING about it!
  • You want a garden that will REALLY perform but don’t know who to call to install a vegetable/fruit garden in Kansas City!
  • You have tried in the past and have not had that much luck (brown thumb challenged)!
  • You would like the “fruit” of hard labor, but cannot “labor” yourself!
  • You will be out of town at the time when you should be starting your garden!
  • You want to take advantage of the Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter planting times but do not know when to plant!
  • You want success in gardening!
  • You need help in setting up your garden (a gentle push into the gardening world)!

Well I am sure there are more reasons why you would want to hire Kansas City Heirlooms & Organics to install YOUR garden. The reasons above are just a few. How about getting the garden set up right from the start?

Getting your favorite fruits and vegetables growing at the start of the season, or even before the season starts via our “Cold Frame Installs” or brought to you and installed in YOUR greenhouse/cold frames or other arrangement. Basically KCH’s&O’s is here to HELP you. I cannot stress that enough.

We WANT you to be successful in your gardening throughout the year, each and every year. Sometimes it just takes a pro to get things started, to establish the garden so you can focus on the actual plants to ensure they grow properly.

Each year plans change, and your wants and needs will change. We are here to help you get your “crops” set up and to change the type of fruits and vegetables each year by prepping the area for the new plants, amending the soil for optimal plant growth, and to sell you the best organic amendments and fertilizers to ensure your garden’s success all the growing seasons of the year 🙂



So what do need to do to get a quote for the installation of your garden?

Since everyone’s time is valuable, we do have a charge for quotes and garden designs. This is the only way we can stay in business and provide the best service for you and your growing needs. We want to be reasonable and just need to cover our time while we are working with you on your wishes for your new fruit and vegetable garden, and or the garden design for your dream garden. The KCH’s&O’s Pro and what types of organic soil amendments and fertilizers are needed to ensure your crops will produce correctly! This is the only way we can ensure that we can continue to provide the best service to you and the rest of our customer base throughout the year.